Zolux Bird The Ladder Toy with a mirror

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15.81 ر.س
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الطول: 20 cm

العرض: 5.5 cm

  • It is a toy for birds of all sizes
  • It can be installed on the bird cage, it has a ladder of four steps, a mirror, and beads to increase the fun. This toy helps stimulate the birds to move, and reduce boredom and stress
How to use:
  • Choose a suitable place in the bird cage to hang the toy.
  • Use the hooks on the top of the toy to securely attach it to the cage net.
  • Make sure the toy is stable and secure and does not fall onto the bird.
  • Allow your bird to explore and play with the toy freely, and observe its reaction and behavior.
  • Clean the toy regularly with soap and water, and dry it thoroughly before returning it to its cage.