Schesir Wet Food Tuna With Cactus For Kitten140 g

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Schesir Wet Cat Food - Tuna with Aloe Vera Flavor

Schesir presents a delicious wet cat food option flavored with tuna and aloe vera, specially crafted for picky eaters and suitable for young cats. This premium cat meal provides top-quality meat protein necessary for healthy growth and vitality during the early stages of development. Schesir's cat food is enriched with proteins, vitamins, and minerals to meet your cat's nutritional needs. It fulfills 100% of your cat's daily requirements, ensuring a healthy, balanced diet rich in essential vitamins and minerals for fur health, preventing hair shedding, and promoting growth. This cat food provides high energy and natural proteins to support natural growth and enhance immunity. Schesir's cat food is free from harmful substances such as artificial colors and flavors, and it is manufactured to meet global quality standards. Explore the best selection of cat supplies and pet food at Panda, your top destination for cat and pet essentials.

Product Specifications

  • Product Type: Wet Cat Food
  • Brand: Schesir
  • Size: 140 grams
  • Key Ingredients: Tuna with Aloe Vera

Features of Schesir's Wet Cat Food

  • Soft and ideal formula for cats aged 3 to 12 months.
  • Designed exclusively for the care of your furry friend.
  • Can be used as a nutritious complementary food alongside dry food.
  • High-quality product equivalent to human-grade food products.
  • Schesir's products are free from preservatives that might diminish your pet's activity and liveliness.
  • The convenient packaging allows you to carry Schesir's pouches with you anywhere to ensure your cat never feels hungry.
  • Ingredients are carefully selected under the supervision of specialists and veterinarians.
  • Free from allergens that might cause discomfort or health issues in your cat.
  • Suitable moisture content to increase activity, vitality, and replenish lost fluids.

Usage Instructions

  • Store at room temperature.
  • Refrigerate unused portions for up to 48 hours after opening.
  • Always provide clean and fresh drinking water for your cats.

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