Beaphar Calming Spot On Collar for Cats 35 cm

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64.40 ر.س
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الطول: 35 cm

  • Stress relief collar for cats suitable for all ages
  • Effective up to 5 weeks
  • Cat calming collar suitable for all ages and all breeds
  • It is used in the event of behavioral problems due to stress and anxiety as a result of traveling or moving from one place to another
  • It contains natural substances that are secreted from the collar on your pet in order to calm it down. These substances are excreted up to five weeks of wearing the collar.
  • Contains lavender and valerian that help reduce symptoms of jitters, biting, scratching and anxiety.
  • Valerian plant secreted after your cat wears the collar within an hour in order to reduce symptoms of stress and become more calm.

Instructions for use:

  • Do not open the package unless you are going to put the collar on your cat
  • If you put the collar on your cat, make sure that it is comfortable by placing your finger so that there is a small distance between the collar and the neck to be comfortable for your pet.
  • Cut off the excess collar and discard it
  • In the event that the collar gets wet or becomes damp, leave it to dry. It will become effective, and there is no problem with that
  • It is best when you use shampoo for your pet to bathe that you remove the collar and then put it on when your pet dries
  • Do not put the bandage on the wounds
  • It is used for kittens from 12 weeks of age