Schesir Cat Wet Food Tuna with Pineapple 75 g

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Schesir Cat Wet Food Tuna with Pineapple

Wet cat food from Schesir, carefully prepared nutritional meals in jelly to maintain natural flavor and texture, cat food that provides a balanced and complete diet with a natural tuna and pineapple flavor that cats do not resist, while providing a high amount of energy, antioxidants and proteins to support healthy growth and strengthen the immune system of cats. Schesir cat food is free of chemicals harmful to cat health, and manufactured to the highest quality standards. Shop all cat supplies and food from Panda, the best cat and pet store.

Product characteristics:

  • Product type: wet food for cats
  • Brand: Schesir
  • Size: 6 * 50 gm
  • Main ingredients: tuna

Features of Schesir wet cat food

  • Contains 45.7% of tuna, which is rich in omega 3,6, which helps prevent hair loss and healthy skin.
  • Contains pineapple, which facilitates digestion.
  • High quality wet food for cats eating small meals or on a diet.
  • Carefully selected from the finest tuna parts, steam cooked and manually processed.
  • Jelly wet cat food also helps keep your body hydrated and supports kidney and urinary tract health.

How to use:

  • Open the bag and place it in a clean dish for your pet.
  • Feed your pet an appropriate portion according to his weight and activity. You can use the feeding table on the package as a reference.
  • You can mix wet food with dry food to add more variety and nutrients.
  • Store an opened package in the refrigerator for up to 48 hours.
  • Make sure you always have clean, fresh water available for your pet.

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