Nutri-Vet Cat Joins Gel, Salmon 89 ml

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Nutri-Vet Joint Health Salmon Flavored Gel for Cats

Nutri-Vet Joint Health Gel is specially formulated for cats to promote joint health. This product contains a unique blend of ingredients designed by veterinarians to help maintain healthy joints in cats. Use this delicious salmon-flavored gel to treat your feline friend, assisting them in staying active and vibrant. It's made from natural and wholesome ingredients that are naturally rich in Omega-6, Omega-3, and essential oils, contributing to overall joint health.

Product Specifications:

  • Product Type: Joint Health Gel for Cats
  • Brand: Nutri-Vet
  • Quantity: 89 grams
  • Primary Ingredient: Salmon Flavor

Product Features:

  • Contains antioxidants that support cartilage health and joint function in cats of all ages
  • Use this tasty gel to treat your cat and help them stay active and lively
  • Features a delightful salmon flavor that entices even the pickiest of cats
  • Crafted by veterinarians, manufactured in adherence to the highest quality standards

Usage Instructions:

  • Place a quarter teaspoon on your cat's paw once or twice daily

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