Nutri-Vet Eye Drops for Dogs 118 ml

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External eye cleaner for cats and dogs

Nutri-Vet Eye drops that treat eye inflammation and darkening of the eyes for cats . Eye drops are safe and specially manufactured for pets, free of harmful substances, which makes them safe for sensitive areas such as the eyes and their surroundings. Manufactured with high quality standards and in accordance with international standards. Shop all your cat supplies from Panda, the best pet store

Product characteristics:

Product Type: Eye cleaner for cats, dogs and small animals

Brand: Nutri-Vet


Features of a Nutri-Vet cat eye drops

  • A drop that treats eye inflammation resulting from dust, dust, or any foreign bodies
  • An excellent product, very safe for the eyes and easy to use
  • Safe for pet's eyes.
  • Free of harmful substances and manufactured according to specific standards for veterinary use
  • Rid your pet of eye and surrounding dirt, increasing his comfort and relaxation
  • Use it according to your doctor's advice when needed

How to use

  • Wipe the outside of the eye with a cotton ball to remove any foreign objects or debris
  • Apply 2-3 drops to treat the inflammation.
  • The product is used daily in the eyes

Shop all your pet supplies from Panda, the best pet store