Bavaro Task dry food for adult dogs with light tasks to do, 18 kg

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Bavaro Task dry food for adult dogs

Dry dog ​​food from Bavaro, a healthy and balanced dog food rich in proteins, minerals and natural vitamins, intended for adult dogs that have light tasks to accomplish. Manufactured according to international quality standards and free of harmful substances and preservatives, artificial. Shop all dog and cat supplies from Panda, the best pet store.

Product characteristics:

  • Product type: Dry Dog Food
  • Brand: Bavaro
  • Size: 18 kg

Features of Bavaro Dry Dog Food:

  • Contains carefully selected high-quality ingredients to support your liver's health and well-being without weighing your stomach down
  • Does not contain sugar and soy
  • Does not contain preservatives, synthetics, or any genetically modified materials, which guarantees your pet a good food
Analytical components
Protein 23%
Fat 9%
Fibers 2.7%
Minerals 7.3%
Calcium 1.4%
Jod  1.5 mg/kg

Vitamin A
13000 IU/KG
Vitamin D
1300 IU/KG
Vitamin E
90 mg

Nutrition recommendations for (adult) dogs
Weight For low activity dogs  For active dogs
5 kg 95 g 125 g
10 kg 165 g 215 g
20 kg 270 g 365 g
30 kg 370 g 495 g
40 kg 460 g 610 g
60 kg 620 g 830 g
80 kg 770 g 1030 g