Sanal Cat Treats Salmon Sticks 15g

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11.91 ر.س
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Sanal Cat Treats, Salmon Sticks

Sanal cat treats sticks with the taste of salmon, treats manufactured with an advanced formula rich in vitamins, and with a distinctive flavor that cats love. Sanal cat treats were designed by pet nutrition experts, to provide a balanced proportion of important nutrients with a distinctive taste that cats do not resist. Treats that are free of chemicals, artificial colors and sugar, and manufactured with the highest quality standards. Shop all your cat needs from Panda, the best cat and pet store.

Product characteristics:

  • Product type: Cat Treats
  • Brand: Sanal
  • Size: 15 gm
  • Main ingredients: Salmon

Features of Sanal wet food:

  • Contains taurine to support eye and heart health
  • Without adding artificial flavors, colors or sugar
  • It contains three delicious sticks inside
  • It contains 90% of meat rich in minerals and vitamins

Shop all your cat supplies from Panda, the best pet store.